Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blogging now also at in.relation.to

From today I'm also writing on the very cool in.relation.to blog.
This is the collective blog of experts from the Seam and Hibernate teams - I'm reading it since years - and am honored they invited me to write about my contribution to Hibernate Search.
It's amazing how these very esteemed developers welcome contributions and are open to any kind of discussion.

Recently I saw some very sad statements about the JBoss community not being truly open, or not being meritocratic; I think that people who believe that either didn't ever try to really contribute, or had met the wrong person at the wrong moment: as all communities, they are big and made of humans.
When I started willing to contribute I wasn't an expert at all, still I was welcomed for my interest in the project and I always got - and still get - polite answers even to my most silly questions and doubts. After the traditional couple of patches were accepted, I slowly began feeling as part of a team. I might have been lucky, but luck has endured as every single person I keep meeting in these groups is at the same time very kind, smart and helpful. Just keep in mind they're all very busy: an answer could take some time.

So today I wrote this post about Hibernate Search's new MassIndexer: read it, comment about it, make use of it! Then ask for improvements and join the fun :-)

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